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MLA & OWL Resources: Home

PMHS MLA Resources

The below resources have been created by Ms. Bell specifically for PMHS student use! They are designed to provide students with an introduction and to MLA-style formatting and guidelines.

MLA Citation Basics: Works Cited Page & In-text Citations

MLA Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

OWL Resources

The below resources come from the Purdue Online Writing Lab, also known as OWL. OWL is a well-known tool to most college students, who rely on its detailed explanation of all aspects of the MLA Style, in addition to information on research and writing more broadly. Because the amount of information on OWL can be overwhelming to new students, the Research Center provides students with a collection of "highlights" handouts, outlined below.

Evaluating Sources: General Guidelines

This PDF covers the various aspects of a source that can help you evaluate its credibility and usefulness -- ranging from information about the author to publication date.

Evaluating Digital Sources

This PDF covers the following items relevant to evaluating digital sources:

- Search Engine Optimization

- Differences in Domain Extensions

- Wikipedia

- Clickbait

- Social media

- Personal Websites

- Podcasts

- Online News Articles

- Online Databases

Evaluating Bibliographic Citations

This PDF covers the following items relevant to evaluating bibliographic citations:

- Library Catalog

- Online Databases

- Websites